Simple demo page for Divi Anypage Lightbox Module plugin

The fastest selling Divi Lightbox/Popup/Overlay module plugin.

More than 300 downloads since launching in Sept 2017.

Features as per v1.8 Update (2/11/2017)

* Load any page in lightbox (cross-domain restriction applies)
* Load same domain page content in lightbox (ajax)
* Load image in lightbox (ajax)
* Lightbox loading animation (32 variations)
* Supports having close button in content
* Lightbox on exit intent
* Lightbox on page intent
* Lightbox on page scroll percentage
* Lightbox on timed delay
* Lightbox based on random probability percentage
* Show lightbox only once with expiry cookie

Divi Lightbox Anypage Module in Action

Customer Reviews

Our simple plugins win good reviews just because we provide the best support to our customers.


1. How to design content for the lightbox/popups/modals?

You can either use images,Same Domain Page content (HTML page link, webpage link with Divi/non-Divi content), or Anypage content from other websites as well (HTML, Divi, non-Divi). How you design the content is up to you since the Divi Lightbox Anypage module supports any kind of webpage content. Basically you are putting a URL into theDivi Lightbox Anypage module.

The difference between Same Domain Page content and Anypage content is that Same Domain Page content is loaded via AJAX (possibly faster but is subject to cross-domain AJAX limitations). So if you use Same Domain Page content using URL from a third-party website and it doesn’t load, you can change to using Anypage content instead.


2. How to re-use the lightbox/popups/modals I have created in other pages?

You can easily save the Divi Lightbox Anypage module into your Divi Library just like you would for any Divi module.


3. How to trigger the lightbox/popups/modals using an image/button/text module?

First you need to set the trigger class.

Then use the class in your button module. Simple as that!


4. Other questions?

Contact support at