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Singapore International Mediator Lecture Series 2017

22 February 2017: Mr. Michel Kallipetis QC

20 February 2017: Hon. Paul A. Smith

About the Speaker

His Hon. Paul Smith has been a member of the Queensland (Australia) Judiciary for over 16 years, having been first appointed as Deputy President of the Land and Resources Tribunal in 2000 and subsequently to the Land Court in 2004 where he is now the 2nd most senior member.  He is a Churchill Fellow (1988) and was awarded an Australia Day Achievement Medallion in 1995.  He is also a Harvard trained Mediator and Negotiator.

One of his ‘hobbies’ is travelling to remote parts of the former Soviet Union lecturing as a Visiting Professor to help the law students in those countries understand fundamental elements of western law.

Highlights of his legal career include his leading roles in Mabo (Nos 1 & 2), Wik and Waanyi. He is acknowledged as the first lawyer to use a computer in a Court in Australia (in the Supreme Court of Queensland) and was also the first practitioner to use a computer in Australia’s High Court.  He has authored books and articles, and spoken at conferences throughout the world.

Within the Non Profit sector, Paul was the past President of the Oceania Continent Handball Federation, past President of Handball Australia, and past delegate to the Australian Olympic Committee.  He is also an Elder and Session Clerk of Ipswich Presbyterian Church.  He has a heart for reaching out to socially and culturally disadvantaged people in our society.  He is a Director and Secretary of the welfare organisation Ipswich Connect.