How Do I File a Case with SIMC?

Mediation Case

  1. Any party wishing to commence a case with SIMC under the SIMC Mediation Rules shall submit a written request for mediation. The written request can be sent

Singapore International Mediation Centre
32 Maxwell Road
#02-07 Maxwell Chambers
Singapore 069115

  1. The form of the request is set out in Appendix A of the SIMC Mediation Rules (the Request Form).
  2. Together with the Request Form, a filing fee should be paid according to the SIMC Schedule of Fees below.
Case filing fees

* SIMC Fee is not subject to GST

The payment can made by cheque or bank transfer as follows:

  • Payments may be made by a local cheque payable to “Singapore International Mediation Centre” and sent to:

    Singapore International Mediation Centre
    32 Maxwell Road
    #02-07 Maxwell Chambers
    Singapore 069115
    Attn: Accounts Department

  • Payments may also be made by bank transfer to our bank account. Please note that all bank charges should be borne by the payor. Our bank account details are as follows:

    Account Name: Singapore International Mediation Centre
    Account No: 003-925159-9
    Bank Branch: DBS MBFC Branch
    Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd
    Bank Address: 12 Marina Boulevard DBS Asia Central @ MBFC Tower 3 Singapore 018982
    Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

  • For easy identification of the remittance, the parties are requested to include in the remittance details the party names and case number. To help us in tracking the deposits, please send a copy of the remittance record as soon as funds are transferred.
  1. If the parties have signed an agreement to mediate, the terms of the agreement shall be attached to the Request Form.
  2. If the parties have not signed an agreement to mediate, they may use one of the SIMC Model Clauses to enter into an agreement.
  3. SIMC can assist the parties in entering into a mediation agreement. SIMC can be contacted during business hours. Contact details can be found here.

Arb-Med-Arb Case (AMA Case)

  1. Any party wishing to commence an Arb-Med-Arb case, under the SIAC-SIMC Arb-Med-Arb Protocol (AMA Protocol), shall file a Notice of Arbitration with the Registrar of SIAC under the arbitration rules applicable to the arbitration proceedings.
  2. Together with the Notice of Arbitration, a filing fee is to be paid to SIAC pursuant to the Schedule of Fees for AMA Cases below.
Case filing fees
Singapore Parties
Overseas Parties
SIAC S$ 1,070* + SIMC S$ 500 = S$ 1,570
SIAC S$ 1,000 + SIMC S$ 500 = S$ 1,500

* SIAC Fee includes GST (7%); SIMC Fee is not subject to GST

Payment instructions and further information about SIAC may be found here.

  1. The Registrar of SIAC will inform SIMC of the filing of an AMA Case within 4 working days from the commencement of the arbitration or from the agreement of the parties to refer the mediation under the AMA Protocol.